This book could be of interest to a Jew, or Muslim, or atheist…  These would all be intrigued to see that the Bible has pronounced the layout of the End of the World.  But it's going to be tedious reading if you don't have knowledge of the scripture.  The book is written primarily for Christians who are familiar with the scripture.  Many Christians hold that the Church is going to be raptured-out before the Tribulation.  - That is not going to happen.  When is THE UTTER END?  I don't know the date, but I do know the layout.

You're probably thinking, "No one can know for sure…"   But you're wrong; you can know.  The Bible is not tentative, hesitating about the end.   You can know it.

The book is a 7" x 10" hardback, 464 pages in medium large print.  It is written in plain language, the format of a textbook with many diagrams and illustrations.