Steve Widdows was born in Thomasville, NC, 1951.  His daddy was a man of character and honor, - an 8th grade education, and working at the furniture factory.  Steve and his daddy each got saved at age eight, and at the same small Baptist church.  His mother was dedicated to Christ. She died at 38.  Both his sisters are Christian.

Steve played sports.  He wasn't a star, but the Lord helped.  He wasn't so smart in school, but he studied hard; made good grades, and went to college.  In the five years after high school he went into the world.  What he wanted was a pretty wife. Don't go that way to get her.  Go with the Lord.

He has worked since 1976 drawing plans for buildings.  He preaches on the street corner sometimes.  It was while taking a Southern Baptist course on the book of Revelation, that he first began to be suspicious about the pre-trib rapture.  It wasn't something the textbook or teacher said, - it was what Rev. 13 said.  When he finished that course, he began study of the end time, and wrote this book: 10 years.